Thursday, November 13, 2008


Soon after the creation of this blog, meant to amuse, and perhaps drive you insane, Esup and I realized that the difference in our beliefs was great. We respect each other yes, but sometimes differences can be too much for two people to handle. As the man in the situation I have decided to step down and move to California, where I will be able to focus without the distraction of such hated an enemy so close. Luckily for you our wonderful readers, this will not inhibit on what enjoyment you may take from this blog, for as blood enemies we will continue to argue, yes argue (no longer must I say discuss!) about the wonderful topic that is science. We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times. Remember, I need your support now more than ever. Tell your friends. Join in the great battle against the madness Esup has threatened to release upon the world.



  1. You, bastard. I had already sent out my best assassin to your home address, unfortunately, thinking he had failed his mission he honourably fell on his sword, truly you shall pay.

  2. He was actually working for me, apparently you did not drink the water set before you at approximately 4:23 this afternoon, or you would not have been alive to write the above comment. I am sad to hear he then killed himself on my behalf, silly assassins and their customs.