Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well of Matter...can't...exist

It seems that since the last time Esup proposed this ridiculous theory to me, he has changed some of its inner workings. I feel that to do my duty in the name of science I must break down his post, and his presentation to show you not only why the theory, but also Esup himself is flawed. He starts of with the phrase
"So, down to business enlightening those of you who have not seen the enlight..."
which is just absurd. Yes, one could point out in some situations that this a slightly clever pun, but it has no place in the strict scientific community. He later talks about the Well of Matter's "impact" on the world and the universe. This just, well is completely false. It's like saying the many conspiracy theories at large today add something of value to the world.
I have trouble even reading the next two paragraphs without cringing as science is dragged kicking and screaming into the underworld, mercilessly beaten by a cold-faced man in a black trench sorry, i try to restrain the poet within, but sometimes he bursts out like....oh no there i go again. Anyway as i was saying, i have problems with almost every single line following the first paragraph. These problems run deep. "Programming of the universe"?..."living"?...."sentient"?! The list goes on. A few fundamental flaws that I will stoop to notice are the impossibility of a rotating universe, and the transgression of the conservation of energy.
First off, the impossibility of a rotating universe. Too put it simply a rotating universe would cause time and therefore space to exist in a state and shape inconsistent with our current observations, and actually proven inhabitable by sentient beings, such as ourselves. According to some solutions of Einstein's field equations for gravity, large rotating bodies swirl space, and therefore time, around like a smoothie in a blender. Obviously if time gets swirled, we wouldn't be able to exist for the cause and effect process that drives evolution would not work, and if the universe rotated it would swirl all time everywhere.
My second big contention with the current iteration of Esup's error is his violation of the conservation of energy. Again I quote Einstein, using his most widely know equation, E=MC^2. Simply stated this says that a given amount of energy can be converted to a specific amount of matter and vice-versa. This also implies that something can't come from nothing, which seems to be the most important feature of the Well of Matter.
I could rail on more about the inconsistansies of this so called "theory," but it would mean reading it more, which has already given me a severe headache.


All you readers out there, please spread this blog among your friends, people must know the truth...

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Well of Matter

So, down to business enlightening those of you who have not seen the enlight, I must tell you about my theory which first, helped me separate myself from the grasp of mainstream sciences, THE WELL OF MATTER! The well of matter is a scientific breakthrough that has huge implications for the entirety of the world and the universe around it.
The well of matter is a space time continuum glitch in the programming of the universe. The well of matter is a living, sentient being, which is nearly all powerful when it comes to seemingly random objects. The well of matter resides at the center of the universe and the rest of the universe rotates around it.
The well of matter is something that defies these “laws of physics” but do you really get in trouble for breaking them? No, because they are all false, created to hide the truth of the higher power that is our master.
The well of matter is remarkable because it creates matter, reading your thoughts on a certain object it will fire at intense speed from the bowels of hell, the exact opposite of your wish.


Soon after the creation of this blog, meant to amuse, and perhaps drive you insane, Esup and I realized that the difference in our beliefs was great. We respect each other yes, but sometimes differences can be too much for two people to handle. As the man in the situation I have decided to step down and move to California, where I will be able to focus without the distraction of such hated an enemy so close. Luckily for you our wonderful readers, this will not inhibit on what enjoyment you may take from this blog, for as blood enemies we will continue to argue, yes argue (no longer must I say discuss!) about the wonderful topic that is science. We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times. Remember, I need your support now more than ever. Tell your friends. Join in the great battle against the madness Esup has threatened to release upon the world.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello, this the blog right? Ok, so I am rational thinker in this collaboration, my friend an also strong opponent has probably tried to convince you that I am somewhat crazy, unfortunately for him my faith in people is that once they are exposed to my theories, god I hate to call them that, the proof is enormous, they will that my theories are the only possible explanation for many things, for example platypuses and Ralph Nader. He has a strange thought, indeed a perverse thought that my critically acclaimed theories are “jokes” that I have a convoluted view on science, no my friends, he is the only one with strange thoughts, he is so absorbed in his conventional theories, these ideas that have been spoonfed to him by the mainstream science, the scientists who are only in it for the money and renown, clearly I am not one of them because I have none of those things. I hope this blog will expose my theories and the many conspiracies perpetuated by the mainstream science community.


Science....confused yet? a blog. It's a bit weird for me. I knew what blogs were of course, but i had never read one consistently, or even considered writing one. The history of this blog coming into the world is a bit strange, and won't really make any sense to you as a reader, but i think you should know it anyways. Every morning me and about 10 other students from my school take a train about half an hour to get to school. One of these is my partner in crime, ESup. His views on science are a bit.... convoluted to say the least. One day, joking about science he comes up with the absolutely ridiculously stupid idea he dubbed "The Well of Matter." This will be explained later in our first on the worthy pursuit of science. As a bit of an ass about science, and a nerd too, i was forced to show him the error of his ways. The 'discussion' continues to this day, and both of us will bring it up at the craziest of times, either for a laugh, or just to annoy the hell out of me. Recently we stepped back from our frivolous parlays and realized that what we were saying could be construed as comic if one had a very bizarre sense of humor, like ours. So thus science confused (by ESup)/Science Resurrected (by me, JLay) was born. This blog will contain our talks on science, me trying to save the noble study from Esup's debauchery. Don't be confused by the term science blog....for that implies that you will actually learn science. While this may be possible in short, brief glimpses when ESup's foolishness doesn't smother it, but in all honesty the best case scenario is that you won't go insane.

~ JLay