Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Science....confused yet? a blog. It's a bit weird for me. I knew what blogs were of course, but i had never read one consistently, or even considered writing one. The history of this blog coming into the world is a bit strange, and won't really make any sense to you as a reader, but i think you should know it anyways. Every morning me and about 10 other students from my school take a train about half an hour to get to school. One of these is my partner in crime, ESup. His views on science are a bit.... convoluted to say the least. One day, joking about science he comes up with the absolutely ridiculously stupid idea he dubbed "The Well of Matter." This will be explained later in our first on the worthy pursuit of science. As a bit of an ass about science, and a nerd too, i was forced to show him the error of his ways. The 'discussion' continues to this day, and both of us will bring it up at the craziest of times, either for a laugh, or just to annoy the hell out of me. Recently we stepped back from our frivolous parlays and realized that what we were saying could be construed as comic if one had a very bizarre sense of humor, like ours. So thus science confused (by ESup)/Science Resurrected (by me, JLay) was born. This blog will contain our talks on science, me trying to save the noble study from Esup's debauchery. Don't be confused by the term science blog....for that implies that you will actually learn science. While this may be possible in short, brief glimpses when ESup's foolishness doesn't smother it, but in all honesty the best case scenario is that you won't go insane.

~ JLay


  1. Huzzah! Finally the well of matter makes it to print. Next it'll be funny vegetables. Can there be posts about Terry Pratchett too?

  2. How dare you say my theories are FRIVOLOUS!!

  3. They are? Well if that is indeed true, and you can show me a scientifically accepted journal with your work published within, I will relinquish my claim that you so called "theories" are frivolous.