Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well of Matter

So, down to business enlightening those of you who have not seen the enlight, I must tell you about my theory which first, helped me separate myself from the grasp of mainstream sciences, THE WELL OF MATTER! The well of matter is a scientific breakthrough that has huge implications for the entirety of the world and the universe around it.
The well of matter is a space time continuum glitch in the programming of the universe. The well of matter is a living, sentient being, which is nearly all powerful when it comes to seemingly random objects. The well of matter resides at the center of the universe and the rest of the universe rotates around it.
The well of matter is something that defies these “laws of physics” but do you really get in trouble for breaking them? No, because they are all false, created to hide the truth of the higher power that is our master.
The well of matter is remarkable because it creates matter, reading your thoughts on a certain object it will fire at intense speed from the bowels of hell, the exact opposite of your wish.

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